Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No, if your order is above 15GBP you get free shipping.

Do I need to create an account to order?

No, you don't need to create an account to order from PeakPower. Once you are in the checkout you will have an option to create an account if you wish to do so. If you already have an account you can login from the checkout.

What's the benefit of creating an account?

The benefit of creating an account is that you will be able to login and see your order history. You can then duplicate your previous orders.

What happens once I have placed the order?

Once you have placed your order you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. As soon as your order has been dispatched you will receive an e-mail with the relevant track and trace information. If you do not see this e-mail in your inbox, be sure to check your junk folder and add us to your safe sender list.

How much time does it take to receive my order?

Depending on the delivery option selected, If you order before 15:00 you will receive it within 1-2 or 2-3 working days. On Sunday's & Monday's there is no parcel delivery. So if you order on Friday after 15:00 then the earliest you can expect delivery is on Tuesday.

Batteries & Battery Chargers

How do I find the battery I'm looking for?

To find a particular battery you can use the search box at the top of the website, or by navigating the relevant product categories in the menu. From here you can use the filters on the left of the website to narrow your search criteria.

When I charge my batteries, the batteries are getting hot is this ok?

Yes. It's normal for batteries and battery chargers to get hot. This is especially common in fast chargers. When the batteries hit full charge the temperature will drop. With slower chargers the batteries won't get that hot because the charger cycle is much slower.

The Charger charges 1.2V rechargeable batteries. Are these suitable for my devices that use 1,5V batteries?

Yes, the average voltage of a battery is 1.2V. An alkaline battery has a slightly higher voltage at first, but after a short time it drops to the same level as a rechargeable battery. Only in exceptional cases, where the minimum operating voltage of the device is 1.2V, will the batteries struggle to operate the equipment. Devices typically operate between 1 and 1.5V.

How is it possible that my NIMH batteries are not performing as expected?

All our rechargeable batteries come with a manual stating the minimum charge time of the battery. It's important that once drained, the batteries are charged for the minimum amount of time shown in the manual. Please consult the product specific manual for more information. To get the best performance out of your rechargeable batteries you should charge and discharge them 2, 3 times. The same applies to the batteries that were charged without a 100%PeakPower charger.

Can battery chargers always be plugged into a wall outlet or power outlet?

Chargers can remain plugged in for long durations. To save energy and the environment it would be our recommendation that chargers are either switched off or unplugged between charges.

Is it possible to charge other battery brands with a PeakPower charger?

Yes, PeakPower chargers can also be used to charge rechargeable NiMH batteries from other brands. To ensure best charging performance, please consult the battery manual for each brand. PeakPower chargers have been designed in conjunction with PeakPower rechargeable batteries. For optimum performance we recommend to use PeakPower rechargeable batteries in our chargers.

Which safety precautions should be taken with button cells?

We take safety seriously. There is special guidance for parents and the medical profession. You can find them at

Do rechargeable batteries discharge when I don't use them?

Yes, rechargeable batteries do discharge slowly when they are not being used. Rechargeable batteries are not ideal for devices which are hardly being used or consume very low energy.

Can I use rechargeable batteries for each device?

Yes, in every device where you use single use batteries you can also use rechargeable batteries. Unless the manufacturer of the device states otherwise.

Is it safe to use my battery charger at night?

Yes, all PeakPower chargers make use of built-in safety mechanisms, including over charge protection and a safety timer. We do advise to unplug the charger after the batteries have been fully charged.

My battery charger doesn't work, how can I fix this?

Before following the steps below, careful read the charger manual. Try these four steps:

  • Unplug the charger
  • Check the batteries are in the right charging slots (see manual for charging channels)
  • Check if you are using rechargeable batteries
  • Plug in the charger again and see if starts charging.

If it still does not work, please contact us

Is it possible to charge single use (alkaline) batteries?

No. This is not possible

Do the rechargeable PeakPower batteries have any memory effect?

No, the so-called "memory effect" is caused by a chemicals that are not being used in the PeakPower batteries.

Does the performance of batteries get affected by the temperature?

Yes, extreme changes in temperature (hot or cold) can have a big impact on the performance of batteries. Always store batteries in dry environment that is at room temperature. Don't store applications that use batteries in very warm or cold places. Do I have to remove batteries from my devices if I'm not going to use the device. Yes, if you are not using the device for several months it's advised to remove the batteries.


The spare batteries in my bag are getting hot, is this normal?

No this is not normal. Batteries aren't supposed to get hot when you're not using them. Never store or carry loose batteries in your pocket or bag.

The battery got wet, or there is a white powdery residue on it. What to do?

If the battery is wet or covered with white residue avoid direct contact with skin or eyes. Remove the battery from the device using gloves and place in a plastic bag. Dispose of the battery at your nearest disposal point, which can be found here Exposed body parts and clothing should be treated with soap and water as soon as possible. Has there been contact with the eyes? Immediately flush eyes with running water for 15 minutes and consult a physician.

Does it hurt to disassemble a battery?

Yes. Never dismantle a battery! When you open a battery there are components exposed that can cause injury, fire or damage.

Can it harm if my child plays with batteries?

Yes, batteries are only intended to provide power to devices! Batteries are common, but deliver portable energy through powerful chemical reactions. Batteries should never be treated as toys! This also applies to the dismantling or misuse of batteries.

Do I have to clean the battery compartment to get a better performance out of my batteries?

Yes this is advisable. For optimum performance it is important to clean the contact surface of the batteries and the battery compartment when replacing batteries. You can best do this with a clean cloth or eraser.