CR2016 Lithium Button Cell Batteries x 10

CR2016, DL2016, SB-T11, 5000LC, ECR2016
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Pack Sizes Available


Lithium Button CR2016 pack-size 10

Can you no longer unlock your car remotely or change channel on the telly? In that case, you will probably need a new button cell battery for your keys or remote. Nothing is as frustrating as not having the right battery on hand whenever you need it. Make sure you always have a spare battery on hand for all your devices, one which will last for a long time and has an excellent shelf-life. We at 100%PeakPower offer our Lithium Button CR2016 battery in packs of 10 pieces. With a shelf-life of up to 5 years, you will always have the right battery at the right time.

Powerful punch in a 10 pc small package

From calculators, to toys to watches and smart-home devices. These batteries are necessary for more household appliances and devices than you might think. These small round batteries pack the most powerful punch! So, make sure you always have this little battery on hand, to never run out of power!


More Information
Height mm 1.6
Diameter mm 20
Voltage 3
Pack Size 10


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